Welcome to Automotive Training!

Success Factor Ltd is proud to bring to you our latest and most exciting venture: Automotive Training. Success Factor Ltd is an innovative and leading performance improvement specialist, based in the United Kingdom and with representation worldwide. Committed to delivering practical solutions and processes, Success Factor Ltd collaborates with the main stakeholders in the Retail Automotive Sector to help them to become high-performance businesses. We are not simply a training organisation as we are real life hands on operators capable of dealer intervention programmes. Our delivery of development programmes is therefore helped by our extensive experience in the motor industry (Sales, Aftersales, Service and Parts). This experience in automotive training means that we can easily relate to the delegates. Success Factor Ltd has won several industry awards for our clients including: “World Dealer of the Year”, AM Gold Awards and Motor Trader Awards. Success Factor has worked with a large variety of major brands and has been running the largest aftersales certification awarded programme for a luxury brand. During our aftersales training, group work and presentations will be the norm, thereby developing and ensuring enhanced confidence among delegates. Wherever possible, a hands-on approach by the trainer should always be encouraged, especially when demonstrating products and techniques. To give delegates the stimulus to change, we need to create learning that is impactful and creates a “gestalt”. This learning should be based upon the realisation that the delegates themselves must take ownership of key issues in their interactions with customers. In this way, delegates must be motivated from within in order that they will feel capable of making change both to their behaviour and in the quality of their interactions. Following on from our automotive training, we will be asking them to be self-motivated and leaders of themselves.

Management Development

Designed especially for the motor industry and by the motor industry, our Automotive Management Development Training programme is the first choice for busy dealerships. The catch 22 is that you can not afford the luxury of time consuming training, but certainly can not afford to NOT train your people, especially your leaders. You employ managers to ensure that they are getting the best result possible from their resources. If you didn’t need your managers then you would not employ them. Therefore they need to be able to create an environment that delivers results consistently. Our Management Development Training programme provides your leaders with the ability to grow over a set period of time. We would love to give you further information on this fundamental part of your automotive training, please click through to gain further insight or please visit www.successfactor.co.uk

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Behavioural Selling

You have done a good introduction, demonstration, trial and close. You might have even locked them in a red hot room and yet they still just won’t buy! Why is that? It’s simple. You have not made a mental connection! You know? Put them at ease and generated trust. Have you noticed that with some people no matter how hard you try they just don’t gel with you? Find out how Behavioural Selling can improve your sales teams and add significant revenue to your department, function and business

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